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Snacks That Possess Your Taste-Buds

with euphoric sensations of 

traditional and western flavours

Snacks That Posses Your


with euphoric sensations of
traditional and western flavours.
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About Us

The largest food manufacturing company in Northeast India

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Why Choose Kishlay?

Kishlay brings you a wide variety of snacks that are made with hand-picked and delicious ingredients to satisfy your cravings. Your trusted food brand assures top-quality packaged foods which are worth savouring every bite.




Delicious Snacks

Our edibles offer a blend of deliciously simple and complex flavors which indulge you in eating non stop! The snacks make your taste buds explore the taste of sensational Indian ingredients which offer a heartly feeling. 

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Hunger ko karo life se crop

 We cater to your every mood with delicious snacks which leave you wanting for more.

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